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Commercial name: Crystal whiteCamal Beige
Type of stone: marble
Color: White

Crystal white marble is pure white marble, origin in Vietnam .

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Crystal white Marble is amongst the most elegant and luxurious natural stone found on earth. It is a type of ingenious rock that is formed by the crystallization of molten lava. Marble is extensively used in homes, offices and commercial establishments as floorings, countertops, fireplace facings and other ornamental furnishing. These are known for their natural texture, gorgeous colors and an exotic appearance. Marble is also used in buildings because of their durability, hard texture, water & stain resistant property and the fact that these require less maintenance.

The natural, unique patterns of Crystal white marble, along with fine surface elaboration, elaborated by an efficient manufacturer, may even more highlight the stone’s beauty and add elegance & luxury to the areas that is applied.

Furthermore, Crystal white can be perfectly matched with other decorating or building materials, such as other natural stones (granite, limestone, sandstone), wood, glass or metal to shape any mood for your project!

They used in flooring, wall and other specialty construction applications.

Physical characteristic of Crystal White :
Colour: White
Major Minerals: CaCO3
Gravity: 2.72 g/cm3
Water Absorption: 0.18 %

Range of Sizes :
305 x 305 x 10 mm
406 x 406 x 12 mm
600 x 600 x 20/30 mm
Custom sizes,

Recommended use of Crystal white Marble :
Exterior, Interior, Flooring
Water walls, fountains and water features
Bathrooms, spas, saunas and showers, Stone wall facing and panels

Camal Beige

White marble uses

Crystal white marble mosaic

Crystal white Sculpture

White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times. This preference has to do with its softness, relative isotropy and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering. Also, the low index of refraction of calcite allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic waxy look which gives "life" to marble sculptures of the human body.

Construction marble

Construction marble is a stone which is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish. More generally in construction, specifically the dimension stone trade, the term "marble" is used for any crystalline calcitic rock (and some non-calcitic rocks) useful as building stone. For example, Tennessee marble is really a dense granular fossiliferous gray to pink to maroon Ordovician limestone that geologists call the Holston Formation.

Industrial use

Colorless or light-colored marbles are a very pure source of calcium carbonate, which is used in a wide variety of industries. Finely ground marble or calcium carbonate powder is a component in paper, and in consumer products such as toothpaste, plastics, and paints. Ground calcium carbonate can be made from limestone, chalk, and marble; about three-quarters of the ground calcium carbonate worldwide is made from marble. Ground calcium carbonate is used as a coating pigment for paper because of its high brightness and as a paper filler because it strengthens the sheet and imparts high brightness. Ground calcium carbonate is used in consumer products such as a food additive, in toothpaste, and as an inert filler in pills. It is used in plastics because it imparts stiffness, impact strength, dimensional stability, and thermal conductivity. It is used in paints because it is a good filler and extender, has high brightness, and is weather resistant. However, the growth in demand for ground calcium carbonate in the last decade has mostly been for a coating pigment in paper.
Calcium carbonate can also be reduced under high heat to calcium oxide (also known as "lime"), which has many applications including being a primary component of many forms of cement.

White marble counter tops, Crystal white marble countertops

White marble countertop looks fantastic, adding a lot of light and brightness to the kitchen.  It can stain, so it requires some care, and that can drive some people nuts.Continuing up white marble backsplash gives a continuous clean look, more uniform and open
Wall decoration
As a material for wall decoration natural stone is often used in the interior of rooms that are supposed to hold a large quantity of people, such as a bank, a restaurant or a railway station. Nevertheless, as usual, natural marble and granite remain the best materials for wall decoration in bathrooms, on bar countertops or decorative bays. Marble mosaic on the walls will give interior design antique charm and the warmth of stone, its usability will make your house or flat unique and original.

Crystal white marble tiles

Size : 305x305x10mm, 600x600x20 mm , 600x300x18 mm

Surface : Polished

Edge: Beveled

Use of Crystal white marble tiles : wall , floor, ceiling, entrance etc.


Crystal white marble Thin panels

For wall facing special wall thin panels are often used, their thickness is about 6-10 mm. Thickness of the stone plate itself (without backing) is 5-8 mm. Production of thin panels is a complicated technological process which consists of several stages. First, backing of the future panel is stuck on big slabs (slabs are stone blocks brought from the quarry). After that the stone is sawn. Thus, a stone plate several milimeters thick is glued with backing. Afterwards the panel is finished — polished and ground.
We can supply 8mm~9 mm thickness thin panels in size 1200 mm x 2400 mmm , which is good for countertops and tub surround. 

Tips about how to clean marble

You need to consider following things when cleaning marble.

1. You need to take special care of marbles used in your home. Treat the stone as a highly expensive piece of furniture. Never ever place wine or drink's glasses directly on marble surface. Any kind of spill on marble can be dangerous. Don't leave the spill for a long period of time clean up immediately.

2. Maintain your marble floor and tiles regularly to make its shine and beauty long-lasting. The best way is to use a terry cloth to wipe up any garbage. Always wet the marble top with lukewarm water. Don't use hot water. You don't require scrubbing marble surface unless there are some hard materials present on it. Use a mild detergent to clean marble.

3. If you want to dry and shine the marble, use dry terry cloth or paper towels. In case, you require something more than just a mild detergent to clean the marble, you can purchase a high quality commercial marble cleaner. Remember you invested lot of money in installing marbles, so going for a cheaper cleaning alternative is not advisable.

4. Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer and all types of citrus juices can be harmful to the elegance of marble. Clean them with hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia and rub the marble gently with the help of a clean cloth until it retains its shine. Cooking oils or other greasy products can leave stains on marbles. You should clean them immediately with some mild soap and water.

Make regular marble cleaning your habit in order to keep them glowing forever.

counter tops in your kitchen, a honed finish is usually a better choice. And always use coasters, cutting boards and trivets to protect against spills and scratches.
Marble Care. You'll find more information about marble care and how to avoid expensive marble restoration at the cleaning marble page. Also, it's worth noting that traditionally marble is left to age naturally letting friends and family rub "life" into the stone--stains and all.

More Ideas

Also, consider using this natural stone for marble bathroom vanities, tile flooring, a marble fireplace, tub decks and marble shower surrounds.

Quality Guarantee:

  • 1. Diamension: (LxWxT) :Tolerance +-1mm
  • 2. Polished face: Up 85 degree polished.
  • 3. Strong wood crates packing (fumigated export packing , USA standard ).

Cleaning and Caring for Marble Floors, Walls or Countertops

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials used today to make countertops, tabletops, fireplace mantles and floors. With a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes of marble tile available it is possible to match any decor and add classic, timeless beauty to any room in your home.

Marble is used more frequently in bathrooms than kitchens and is often used on the walls, floors, vanities or shelves. The first and most important step in caring for your marble is to be sure that it is sealed with a high quality sealer specifically designed for marble. This will help to prevent some stains and will make cleaning your marble a bit easier and more effective.
Marble can be scratched by grit so it is important not to use an abrasive cleaner when cleaning your granite. Instead, try using liquid dish soap and warm water. Rinse the soapy water and then dry the marble with a soft towel. Acidic cleaners are a definite no-no with marble since they can eat into the marble and cause damage. This includes even mild acids like vinegar or lemon juice, both of which can cause permanent damage to your marble.
If you have tougher stains on your marble that cannot be removed with dish soap and water, you can try using a marble polishing powder. These powders are available at most hardware and home improvement stores and come with complete instructions on how to use them to clean your marble.
If you have a particularly tough stain that won't come out with the soapy water or the polishing powder, your best bet would probably be to call a professional marble cleaner or restorer to tackle the job for you rather than risk further damaging your marble by trying something on your own
The best way to care for your marble is by using precautions to prevent stains and scratching before they happen. Because marble is porous and will absorb moisture, always be sure to immediately wipe up any spills. Use a high quality marble sealer, and reseal as needed to be sure that your marble remains protected and beautiful.
Marble is higher maintenance than many other natural stones, however, it has a beauty, elegance and class that can make the extra maintenance seem very worthwhile.

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